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Known to locals as Cos, this town is situated on the island which shares the same name, a fact that can be somewhat confusing for some tourists out there. The island is part of the Dodecanese, in the Gulf of Cos, near the Turkish coast, a region famous for its yacht charter potential. The town Kos is the largest of the island and also acts as the administrative center.

The city of yacht charter Kos is the biggest port of the island and thus is the main gateway for tourists, which is why you'll find it has the most touristic facilities, not to mention the most vibrant cultural life. An ancient port city, it has a lot to offer to any visiting traveler.

Because the town has been around since early antiquity, it's only natural that there are a lot of historical sites to visit. Among these there are the Asklepion, the complex of early Christian Basilicas of St. Stephen, the church of St. John the Baptist (Epta Bemata), the Neratzia Castle and the Hippocrates Plane Tree are but a few locations which rank tops on a visitor's to-do list.

To make it easy for yacht charter enthusiasts, the local authorities have set up a small train which actually makes a tour within the town of yacht charter Kos, passing by all major sightseeing spots. The departure point is located near the harbor and the ride lasts around 20 minutes. It's an easy way of getting a quick overview of the city.

If you're getting a bit hungry, you should know that the local food in Kos is a mixture of traditional Greek cuisine and international dishes. From the fancy restaurants and the local tavernas and ouzeries, the choices are unlimited, both as far as menu choices and price ranges for all budgets.

As other places in Greece, Kos is a good place to shop for touristy trinkets but also general goods such as jewelry, quality leather products and fine ceramics picked up during your yacht charter holiday. The town boasts an impressive number of tourist shops which are open 7 days a week, coming to meet the high demand from foreign nationals.

The nightlife is a major attraction as yacht charter Kos is by far the liveliest place on the island. There is an actual bar scene which is worth checking out, with the famous Blues Brothers in Dolphins Square and the Hamam in Akti Kountourioti being the most frequented by fun seekers. But there are also quieter places, such as the open air cinema Open Cine Orfeas which play recent films, often in English. The point is there is a little bit for everyone to enjoy and make their yacht charter holiday in Kos a lasting experience.